Pathway Examples

Pathway Examples

Many people will have a number of destinations in their learning pathway, depending on where they begin their journey and the career outcome they are striving to achieve. These scenarios may help you to visualise ways that a TAFE pathway could benefit you.

What is your starting point?


Are you already enrolled in a TAFE course? Completing further study at a higher level or in a related vocation can compliment and extend your existing skills, making you more attractive to potential employers and increasing your chances of securing a great job.


Are you currently working, but looking to develop new skills and knowledge that can help you progress in your career? Talk to your employer about potential professional development opportunities that will help you achieve even better results in the workplace, or consider enrolling yourself. 

Entering The Workforce

Are you seeking your first job, or hoping to go back to work after taking a break? TAFE can provide you with up-to-date skills for the workforce, providing you with the qualifications that employers look for and ensuring that you can hit the ground running from day one.

Early School Leaver

Are you a secondary student considering leaving school? TAFE can offer you an alternative. Talk to us about the various pathways that can help you to succeed after school.

High School Graduate

Are you considering your options after completing Year 12? TAFE is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain a nationally recognised qualification, develop your skills and confidence and improve your career and further study prospects before you commence work or apply for a University program.

University Graduate

Many University graduates choose to enrol in TAFE after completing their degree. In fact, historically, more people have made the move from University to TAFE than the other way around. A lot of people do this in order to gain the practical experience they need to assure employers that they know how to put the theory they have learned at University into action. Others seek TAFE training to upgrade or extend their skills.