GETT Centre

GETT Centre

49-63 Princes Street, Traralgon 3844
Cnr Princes Drive and Monash Way, Morwell 3840 (DES only)
Yallourn campus, Moe 3825 (DES only)
Leongatha campus (DES only)
Warragul campus

Telephone (03) 5175 9650
Facsimile 1300 094 661

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What is the GETT Centre?
What makes the GETT Centre unique?
What can the GETT Centre offer people with a disability?
What can the GETT Centre offer young people who have trouble with traditional educational settings?
How do I know the GETT Centre is right for me?
How can the GETT Centre assist my local business?
How do I know the GETT Centre and the employees they provide will be right for my business?

What is the GETT Centre
The GippsTAFE Employment and Transitional Training Centre provides people with a gateway to education and employment.

As a registered Disability Employment Service, the GETT Centre has professional staff available to assist people of all ages to find and maintain employment.

The GETT Centre provides specialist youth focused program for students at risk of disengagement from mainstream education. The MORE program aims to build the skills and confidence and assist students to transition into further study or paid employment.

What makes the GETT Centre unique?
The GETT Centre is unique for several reasons: Our educational programs have a strong focus on experiential learning and development of skills needed in the ‘real world’. Teachers are encouraged to take classes outside of the traditional classroom and focus on practical learning wherever possible. Regular excursions and ‘Survivor Days’ enable students to extend themselves and build resilience while enjoying unique experiences.

Links to GippsTAFE’s certificate programs mean students can achieve employable qualifications in areas such as hospitality, horticulture and more. Providing employment specific training programs and a Disability Employment Service, in the one place, creates valuable opportunities for and access to unique employment outcomes.

Specialist Case Management services are available to all GETT Centre students, offering assistance with personal, financial, social, family, educational and health issues. Case Management staff regularly assist students to make and attend appointments and liaise with other support services to ensure students are getting the most from their education.

What can the GETT Centre offer people with a disability
The GETT Centre has a long history of assisting people with a disability. For over 25 years we have been helping people across the Latrobe Valley to overcome barriers to training and education and reach their potential.

The GETT Centre offers a range of specially tailored education programs designed to educate and encourage students. We strive to provide an engaging and supportive learning environment, in which students develop their desire to participate in the community, be that through further education, volunteering or employment.

The GETT Centre has smaller class sizes and additional support staff to ensure all students have the opportunity to excel.

What can the GETT Centre offer young people who have trouble with the traditional educational settings?
The GETT Centre has relationships with many local schools and can assist disengaged students to re-engage with education.

The GETT Centre works with individuals to develop appropriate education solutions and also offers tailored programs for local education providers to assist them in retaining or transitioning disengaged students.

While we believe in the importance of education, we recognise that school is not for everyone. For those looking for an alternative to further study the GETT Centre also offers a Disability Employment Service dedicated to helping people find and maintain employment.

How do I know the GETT Centre is right for me?
If you are experiencing barriers to education and employment as the result of a disability or learning difficulty, then the GETT Centre can assist you.

To make sure the GETT Centre is the right fit for you; all new students can take advantage of a no commitment trial period. We invite you to phone or visit our friendly team to discuss your needs and explore the services, training and employment solutions available at the GETT Centre.

How can the GETT Centre assist local businesses?
The GETT Centre has been providing many local businesses with quality employees for years. The GETT Centre provides a professional and responsive service, working with both employee and employer to ensure all expectations are met.

Our employment service clients are able to contribute to businesses across a wide range of industries and have proven to be dedicated, skilled, reliable and loyal workers. Providing employment opportunities to those with a disability not only empowers that individual but is also shown to generate goodwill and employee morale which permeates throughout the workforce.

To assist in the provision of employment opportunities for people with a disability, the GETT Centre can provide employers with financial assistance in the form of wage subsidies, as well as assistance with any necessary workplace modifications.

The GETT Centre provides on the job support as often as it is required. Our business clients will attest to the commitment of GETT Centre staff to providing a comprehensive service which is with you every step of the way.

How do I know the GETT Centre and the employees they provide will be right for my business?
The GETT Centre works very carefully and meticulously with employers and employment service clients. Staff develop strong relationships with employment service clients, enabling them to accurately match individuals with suitable employment opportunities.

Our staff go to great lengths to understand your business requirements and to ensure that our employment service clients are matched to opportunities that are of interest to them and for which they have the necessary skills to successfully undertake.

It is important to remember that many of our clients have many skills and many years experience in the workforce. Illness and injury can impact anyone; many of our clients have been unable to contribute to the workforce in recent times but are ready and willing to return to employment.

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