Tertiary Education Plan for Gippsland

GippsTAFE has keenly welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Higher Education and Skills, Peter Hall to establish an expert panel for the development of a Tertiary Education Plan for Gippsland.

The Government’s terms of reference indicate that the expert panel will advise on a Tertiary Education Plan, to boost tertiary participation and attainment, to meet the future industry and educational needs of the Gippsland region.

GippsTAFE CEO, Dr Peter Whitley commended the State Government for their proactive pursuit in establishing the Tertiary Education Plan. Dr Whitley added, “the announcement of a Tertiary Education Plan is a landmark initiative by the State Government which recognises the importance that education and training play in growing and developing our local economy”. 

In responding to the Minister’s announcement, Chair of the GippsTAFE Board, Mr David Gittins enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to contribute to this initiative and strengthen the Institute’s existing alliance with Monash University. “This is a unique and exciting venture which will positively benefit our communities by providing a very contemporary approach to tertiary and higher education in the region”.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen a growing shift to closer integration between vocational and university sectors. The establishment of the Tertiary Education Plan between GippsTAFE, East Gippsland TAFE and Monash University Gippsland, will pave the way for greater collaboration between the educational providers and create more opportunities for people in Gippsland to access tertiary and higher education.

“GippsTAFE will actively contribute to and support the Tertiary Education Plan consultation process. We look forward to working closely with other educational providers to boost tertiary education participation and attainment to meet the future industry and educational needs of the Gippsland region” Dr Whitley said.