Strong local role in $3 million skill development program

Gippsland will play a major role in an extensive training program for teachers, which will upskill the training workforce across the State.  

GippsTAFE and Advanced TAFE (formerly East Gippsland TAFE) are part of a state-wide consortium earmarked to deliver a $3 million training program designed to train regional TAFE teachers to deliver higher education and training programs.  

GippsTAFE CEO Dr Peter Whitley said this approach fitted very well with the plans of GippsTAFE, especially with construction of the new GippsTAFE Academy in Traralgon.  

“The GippsTAFE Academy has been designed to increase the facilities that GippsTAFE can provide for teaching and learning at those higher levels, such as Diploma and Degrees,” he said. “The $3 million program to upskill our teachers’ further means we will have state of the art facilities and highly trained teachers to work within the Gippsland community.”

The University of Ballarat will lead the program, which is part of a State Government push to improve access to higher education programs in regional areas. This is in response to data which shows only 11 percent of regional Victorians have a higher education qualification compared to 20 percent of people in metropolitan Melbourne.  

“This project will mean we have the resources in areas like Gippsland to deliver higher education programs and help redress the imbalance of educational achievement in regional Victoria,” Dr Whitley said.

“This is exactly what the GippsTAFE Academy in Traralgon is designed to deliver. Greater access to tertiary education is important to GippsTAFE with the GippsTAFE Academy testimony to our commitment to bringing higher level tertiary education programs to the local community.” Dr Whitley added.  

Courses will be offered from the GippsTAFE Academy from 2012, although a number of community groups and professional associations have already started to use the facility. Information about its use is available by contacting GippsTAFE on telephone 5175 9600.