Paving the way forward for Gippsland youth

Youth of Gippsland will benefit greatly from the newly formed partnership between GippsTAFE and Gippsland Youth Commitment.

Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE (GippsTAFE) and Gippsland Youth Commitment have joined forces in their commitment to actively support the development of youth throughout the Gippsland region. Both GippsTAFE and GYC are dedicated to preparing local youth to enter the workforce and be successful by equipping them with the necessary skills.

This partnership will aim to strengthen opportunities for Gippsland youth to remain in the local area while furthering their studies at the higher education level, and to skill the next generation at a higher level than in previous years.

GippsTAFE provides more than 300 courses to over 12,000 students annually and is continually working towards improving student outcomes.  The institute currently has the highest number of students in regional Victoria studying at the Certificate III and Certificate IV level.

Gippsland Youth Commitment is a fantastic initiative for the Gippsland area which has garnered much support from the local community.

Chief Executive Officer of GippsTAFE, Dr Peter Whitley agreed, “it is a great idea for the Gippsland community. The Gippsland region has much to offer and one of the objectives of TAFE is to offer opportunities to school leavers, to encourage them to stay in the area and to promote and deliver skills and qualifications at a higher level.

“The Gippsland Youth Commitment is a perfect opportunity to aid in the facilitation of this and a partnership between GippsTAFE and the GYC will only strengthen this cause and reinforce the ability of TAFE to offer studies which are equivalent of studying in metropolitan areas”.

Areas of focus for this partnership include Cabinet Making and Joinery, Hospitality, Tourism and Music. Short Courses will be offered in each of the relevant areas providing opportunities for young people, particularly those between fifteen and nineteen years of age, to increase their skill level and prepare for the work environment. 

Local student Fleur Douglas is one of many students who are set to benefit from this partnership initiative. Fleur is currently undertaking a pre-apprenticeship course offered by GippsTAFE.

“I have undertaken this pre-apprentice course in carpentry at GippsTAFE because I’d like to become a builder. This course has given me the skills to become a successful tradesperson. I am 16 years old and I am looking for a builder to put me on as an apprentice,” says Fleur.

Gippsland Youth
Craig Hardy of the Baw Baw Latrobe LLEN and GippsTAFE CEO Dr Peter Whitley.