New university pathway for GippsTAFE students

In recognition of nurturing great leadership skills, GippsTAFE and Ballarat University, under a new co-operative arrangement are excited to offer a new management program.

The Advanced Diploma of Management will provide a direct pathway into the Bachelor of Applied Management through the University of Ballarat, but perhaps more importantly signals a co-operative arrangement between GippsTAFE and the University.

According to GippsTAFE CEO Dr Peter Whitley, the association with the University of Ballarat has potential to open a broad range of career paths for local people.

“The Advanced Diploma of Management through to the Bachelor of Applied Management is an excellent example of TAFE and University working together,” Dr Whitley said.

“Under our agreement, successful completion of a previous diploma, together with completion of the Advanced Diploma of Management, gains two years credit into the three year Bachelor Degree program. This means that people who meet these criteria can complete a Bachelor of Applied Management in only one year”.

“We hope to work with the University of Ballarat in offering further pathways in the near future. This program will enable people to study locally, rather than having to travel to Melbourne, whilst at the same time increase their qualifications and skills”.

The Advanced Diploma of Management is designed for people currently working in a leadership role, and those looking for a direct pathway into management studies at tertiary level.

An information session has been scheduled for the local community and details are available on the GippsTAFE website or by phoning (03) 5120 4537.