New fee concessions at GippsTAFE

Students who have already enrolled or are about to enrol at GippsTAFE are being urged to check whether they are eligible for new fee concessions just announced by the State Government.

Under the Youth Concession announced by Peter Hall, Minister for Higher Education and Skills, students aged from 15 to 24 who hold a valid concession card will pay no more than $100.00 in tuition fees for Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses undertaken this year.

The Youth Concession also applies to someone who started a Diploma or Advanced Diploma course at GippsTAFE last year and is continuing this year.

Students who have already paid their fees are entitled to a refund so that they pay a maximum of $100.00 in tuition fees, providing they are eligible.  The criteria includes that a person must be under the age of 25 as at 1 January 2011 and hold a Commonwealth Concession Card, a Veteran's Gold Card, or an alternative card or concession eligibility criterion approved by the Minister, or are the dependant spouse or child of a person who holds these cards.

GippsTAFE CEO Dr Peter Whitley said it was in the best interests of students to check their eligibility.

“It is a generous concession by the State Government and is welcomed by GippsTAFE, especially as we have strong interest in our Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses,” Dr Whitley said.  “The Youth Concession should encourage people to take part in these courses, which provide qualifications that promote good career prospects for our students.

“I would urge all people who think they are eligible to contact GippsTAFE and see what they can achieve this year. It is also important that young people who started a course last year and are continuing this year talk to GippsTAFE staff and make sure they receive the appropriate concession. Our staff will advise this group of people of changes to the fee structure and the opportunity to apply for a refund if they fit the criteria.”

TAFE institutes will be reimbursed for any income forgone as a result of the concession fee changes. The Youth Concession applies only for this year for Government funded Diploma or Advanced Diploma courses.  It does not apply if a student's tuition fee is being fully paid by a Commonwealth Government Agency or as part of a Commonwealth program or initiative.

More information is available on the GippsTAFE website under Fees and Refunds for Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas or by contacting your local GippsTAFE campus