Greater Connection between Educational Providers

The recent announcement by Minister Hall in launching the "Gippsland Tertiary Education Plan” provides great impetus to enhance access to higher education courses across Gippsland.
Underpinning the announcement is the formation of a “Gippsland Tertiary Education Council” aimed to promote cooperation and collaboration between existing tertiary education providers. Local tertiary education providers will look beyond competition, in a positive move that will stimulate growth in education and training across Gippsland.
Dr Peter Whitley, CEO of GippsTAFE welcomed the report and the insights provided by Professor Kwong Lee Dow which hope to see improved pathways between Monash University, GippsTAFE and Advance TAFE, embedding TAFE and higher education courses and a greater range of courses than is currently offered.
"The report has put a stake in the ground, and it's up to GippsTAFE and our partners to come forth and match our community's expectations" says Dr Whitley. The President of GippsTAFE, David Gittins said that "the report was a milestone and clearly highlighted the need for GippsTAFE to respond to the voices within our community.
“We see the GippsTAFE Institute as a service to and for the community and local business and we won't let them down”, said David Gittins.
Dr Whitley also indicated "that it was time to shed the practices of the past and to look at new ways of operating. Already GippsTAFE and Monash University have established many pathways that will provide better access to education and training for the Gippsland community," he added.
"GippsTAFE has also been working with other universities to improve student choice in the area of higher education degrees."
“We will look to the report as a launch pad to the future, it has provided us with many insights and some expansive suggestions and I believe that GippsTAFE with our partners will be ideally positioned to support the Minister’s goal, but more importantly we will ensure that we provide for our community, concluded Dr Whitley.

For more information on the Gippsland Tertiary Education Plan please click here.