GippsTAFE offers flexible way to obtain VCE

For mature age people who are disappointed that, for whatever reason, they did not complete VCE, take heart – you can achieve your dream.

GippsTAFE is again running VCE for mature aged students in a program especially designed for people returning to study.

GippsTAFE VCE Coordinator Sarah Giessler said for many people returning to study, the thought of a rigid system and inflexible learning environment discouraged or sometimes halted further action or participation.

“However, the GippsTAFE program has been designed to meet the needs of mature age students or young people who did not work well in a secondary school environment,” Ms Giessler said.

“GippsTAFE has been filling this void for a number of years. The popular and successful classes are run out of the GippsTAFE Access Department at the Yallourn campus, and cater to mature-age students returning to study, as well as younger students who require more flexibility in their learning.

“The GippsTAFE VCE is designed and delivered to build success for those students keen to extend their education, while requiring a less formal setting.”

Under the program, Year 11 subjects available include English, Foundation English, General Maths, Foundation Maths, Health and Human Development, History, Sociology, IT and Indigenous Languages.

Prospective year 12 students are able to study English, Further Maths, Health and Human Development, History, Sociology and Indigenous Languages.

“Our teachers also understand the needs of people returning to study and they are approachable, supportive and experienced so as to offer their students quality educational guidance in a supportive framework.” Ms Giessler added.

VCE at the GippsTAFE Yallourn Campus starts this month (February 2011).

For further details, contact VCE Coordinator Sarah Giessler on 51 270214.