GippsTAFE managers share knowledge in North America

Two GippsTAFE managers head to Dallas Texas in the USA later this month to share their experience and knowledge with colleagues from community colleges and universities attending from around the world.

Jenni Hardy, Manager of People and Culture, and David Bruce, Manager Yallourn Campus, have been selected to make a presentation at the prestigious Chair Academy International Leadership Conference, which starts on 22 March.

Their presentation will relate to strategic staff development processes that help increase productivity. Their paper, based on research they undertook and the methods they employed to improve staff skills and knowledge, will discuss how managers can improve performance when they move into a new position with a different team of people.

The conference will be attended by more than 1,000 leaders and delegates from community colleges in the USA and Canada and further education colleges from the UK, as well as vocational colleges and universities throughout Europe.
Mr Bruce said it was a wonderful opportunity.

“We have chosen to make our presentation an interactive forum that we will lead, where the attendees undertake a round table discussion on the topic. This gives people an opportunity to hear how other people in a similar role address such issues,” Mr Bruce.

“As well we have the opportunity to take part in other sessions on a wide range of topics which I’m sure will be beneficial to us and to GippsTAFE.

“Then of course there are the informal discussions at the conference; sometimes we can learn as much through these conversations as during the formal sessions.”

Mr Bruce added that after the four day conference, he and Ms Hardy will visit community colleges – the United States equivalent to the TAFE system – to learn about issues such as how they operate, funding sources, teaching  methods and use of technology.

“They are bound to have some similarities to us but also lots of differences,” Mr Bruce said. “The really good part about the trip is that I’m sure we will be able to offer knowledge and ideas in a range of areas while also learning from the other participants and from our community college tour.”

GippsTAFE CEO Dr Peter Whitley said GippsTAFE encouraged and supported it staff to undertake further education.

“It is wonderful that the knowledge and skills of our people are acknowledged and utilised at this sort of conference, while also providing a personal development opportunity for specific staff which they can share with others within GippsTAFE.”

Mr Bruce and Ms Hardy will prepare a paper for presentation to the GippsTAFE Board and senior management when they return.