GippsTAFE expands international offerings

GippsTAFE continues to build its relationship with Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak, Malaysia with the announcement of new Diplomas in 2011.

GippsTAFE is excited to announce the inclusion of two new diplomas through the partnership with Curtin University; Diploma of Occupational Health & Safety and Diploma of Business. This is an exciting venture for both companies, particularly for GippsTAFE which is increasing its footprint in to the overseas market and the continuation of growth in international areas.

The Diploma of OH & S will offer students the ability to increase their skills and qualifications in an area of ever increasing importance in the workplace. Malaysia is rapidly expanding its industrial base and is increasingly looking to improve the well being and workplace environment of its workers. The Diploma of OH & S will be sure to increase productivity throughout Malaysia. 

The Diploma of Business is an exciting addition which complements the growing economy emerging throughout Malaysia. The Diploma of Business is also a valuable stepping stone in to the Degree in Business offered by Curtin University.

Chief Executive Officer of GippsTAFE, Dr Peter Whitley said, “we are very excited about the relationship we have formed with Curtin University of Technology. We plan on continuing to grow this relationship to benefit the students of both institutes and also the region of Gippsland. It is exciting to see the connections that can be formed from a regional centre on an international scale, proving that nothing is out of reach. There are more exciting times ahead”.

Currently GippsTAFE and Curtin University of Technology offer the Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation and Diploma of Process Plant Technology (Oil Industry), enabling a higher level of education to be received by participants.

The Diploma of Process Plant Technology is a diploma relevant to the oil industry, and has had significant uptake since its commencement in 2006. In May of this year 30 students graduated from the course (pictured), which is an outstanding achievement for both GippsTAFE and Curtin University. This Diploma is closely aligned with the major oil companies such as Shell, Nippon Oil and Petronas and provides students with higher level qualifications and comprehensive understanding of the petroleum and oil industry.

GippsTAFE and Curtin University of Technology are pleased with the release of these new diplomas and are enthusiastic about the continuation of the partnership. There is much to look forward to in the future with this arrangement and promises great things for the students of GippsTAFE and the community of Gippsland.

Curtin students